Plump Fine Lines This Winter

It’s the time of year when you’re probably noticing some very distinct issues presenting on your clients’ skin. You’re most likely noticing skin that is dry. Are there more fine lines? Is the skin dull? Is there a greater laxity in the skin? If you’re seeing symptoms such as these - you’re not alone. The cooler temperatures impact skin. The cooler air will pull moisture from the skin. This will leave the skin dry, dull and compromised. As licensed professionals it’s your job to help your client find skincare treatments and products that will give them back, plump, luminescent, firm skin. You’ll want to have products rich in hydrating properties, full of emollients, occlusive and humectan

A Winning Hyperpigmentation Eliminator!

Over the next few months your spa or medical practice will see a large number of patients who will be presenting with hyperpigmentation. It’s all that damage that’s left over from summer sun bathing. Your clients will need your help. They’ll look to you for advice and solutions. Treating hyperpigmentation can be one of the most difficult conditions to correct. There’s a fine line that you cannot cross when working to lighten skin. One area that is of great concern when treating hyperpigmentation is skin tone. It can be challenging to treat darker skin tones, specifically Fitzpatrick’s IV, V and VI. Skin that is that dark is at a greater risk of being damage by acids. There is one exc

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