Skincare Pads: the simplest solution

If you want easy and convenient application, there’s nothing better than a skincare pad. Get the perfect amount of product every time. No more waste. Refresh by removing surface dirt and debris with every application. Product pads are a skin care solution that are becoming hugely popular. No need to purchase cotton balls, cotton rounds or any other type of applicator. Our ClearChoice® brand offers a collection of skincare products that come ready to apply. These pads are great for a busy and active lifestyle. Perfect for post workout at the gym or yoga studio. Teens love them because they’re so easy to use. Ever wonder if you’re using too much product? Maybe you’re worried that you’r

Combat Aging: Potent Serums To Change Skin

There are several major skin care concerns that are expressed by day spa clients on a regular basis. The majority of clients in the U.S. skincare market list anti-aging as their overall area of concern. However, within that overall category, many clients list out specific issues with their skin that they would like to address. Tone and texture tend to be the overwhelming areas that day spa customers are looking to address. We see this in the types of spa treatments that are popular right now. Chemical peels for hyperpigmentation and resurfacing are a huge part of the spa industry. Manual resurfacing treatments such as microdermabrasion, lasers high frequency tools are also very popular.

How Masks Can Make or Break A Facial

Every time there’s a dinner party – one of the most important aspects of the dining is the presentation. The dining table and how it’s presented. One key area of focus is the centerpiece. The most common is a beautiful floral arrangement. However for special events you can tailor the centerpiece to the event. Seasonal events can use seasonal items from nature. Special holiday events can use items that are synonymous with that holiday. The possibilities are endless! Masks are very much the centerpieces of a truly therapeutic spa facial. It’s a distinguishing factor in the protocol. It’s so important that there are entire skincare brands that only supply specialty treatment mask to d

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