Show Mom Some Love with a Lavender Facial

5 Reasons Moms Will Love This Lavender Facial It happens every year, without fail. Winter gives way to spring and the trees begin to sprout the beautiful pink and purple blossoms. As spring unfolds we look to honor the cycle of new life by celebrating Mother’s Day. One of the most popular give ideas for Mother’s Day is a spa treatment. Many moms and mommies to be love to relax with a massage. But as any esthetician knows, every woman out there loves a spa facial that is not only relaxing but will help them look more radiant and beautiful. We’ve created the perfect spa facial for Mother’s Day in your spa. Our P.S. Beauty Box for [calming - sensitive - delicate] has luxurious and relaxing

It’s Time To Kill The Crows

Every 30 something man and woman has had that one fateful morning. They are innocently getting ready to start the day – IT HAPPENS! They notice the first signs of fine lines around the eyes! The beginning stages of “Crow’s Feet”! With every passing year the skin looses collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramide – it’s inevitable - the beginnings of fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eye area where skin is thin and delicate is going to happen. Many men and women turn to injections to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. But that’s no longer necessary! Now you can kill those crows! Prana SpaCeuticals has created a custom blend of proprietary anti-aging actives! Precious Fluids is

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