My Secret Weapon


Only the best product that you haven’t heard about yet. And no, this isn’t a sales pitch, IT’S A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! I’d like to be the first person to admit that I have problem-child clients. The ones that insist on going to hot yoga and sweating their lashes off, or the diva that wears a full face of makeup every single day so the eyeshadow that falls on her lashes bothers her, and she ends up putting mascara on them. I even have that client that is a crossbow hunting champion and spends her weekends “primitive camping” with her husband!

All of these clients had something in common, not only was their retention issues driving me to the brink of firing them, but their lashes looked like crap! This was until a new product hit the market. If you want the dirt out, you must get dirty first... Dirty Lash, that is! Only sold in high end retail stores like Bloomingdales and formulated by chemists using only the best ingredients.

There were weeks where some clients would want “mini fills,” and those days are finally over. This mascara tube fits in your lulus, can go anywhere. Just brush it on, flush with a little cool water, and go. In fact, I have some clients who say they don’t even wash it off sometimes, they just use it