Handle Your Lady Business

Ladies it’s time we just laid it all out on the table. Let’s talk about the intimate area for just a moment. And yes, we can call it what it is, the vagina. There – now take a deep breath. We’re about to blow your mind – they’re not perfect.

We put the vagina through a lot! It gets waxed, shaved, and plucked on a regular basis. Which means it is exposed to a lot of excess friction, which can lead to ingrown hairs, discoloration, and dark spots! All of this can leave them looking less than pretty!

Then there are the hormone changes that happen throughout a woman’s life that can lead to all sorts of issues. Many women suffer from a very serious issue that is RARELY discussed. It can leave many women feeling isolated and alone – Vaginal Dryness. This isn’t just a dryness that requires an external lubrication for intercourse. This is a dryness that can be almost debilitating. This is a dryness that causes pain from just walking.

As estheticians you see your clients vaginas during every bikini wax. You see the discoloration, the ingrown hairs, and the dark spots. This is an ideal opportunity to open up dialogue about intimate care.