Skincare Pads: the simplest solution

If you want easy and convenient application, there’s nothing better than a skincare pad. Get the perfect amount of product every time. No more waste. Refresh by removing surface dirt and debris with every application.

Product pads are a skin care solution that are becoming hugely popular. No need to purchase cotton balls, cotton rounds or any other type of applicator. Our ClearChoice® brand offers a collection of skincare products that come ready to apply. These pads are great for a busy and active lifestyle. Perfect for post workout at the gym or yoga studio. Teens love them because they’re so easy to use.

Ever wonder if you’re using too much product? Maybe you’re worried that you’re not using enough? No more wondering. Our skincare pads take away all of the guesswork. Just open the jar, select a single pad and swipe across your skin. It’s that simple.