Combat Aging: Potent Serums To Change Skin

There are several major skin care concerns that are expressed by day spa clients on a regular basis. The majority of clients in the U.S. skincare market list anti-aging as their overall area of concern. However, within that overall category, many clients list out specific issues with their skin that they would like to address.

Tone and texture tend to be the overwhelming areas that day spa customers are looking to address. We see this in the types of spa treatments that are popular right now. Chemical peels for hyperpigmentation and resurfacing are a huge part of the spa industry. Manual resurfacing treatments such as microdermabrasion, lasers high frequency tools are also very popular. We’re also seeing more spas offering LED light therapy. These services all focus on correcting hyperpigmentation, smoothing out texture and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

These services can be even more effective with done in conjunction with a targeted home care regiment. There is so much sophisticated science and technology available on today’s skincare market. We have access to ingredients such as (vitamins, peptides and stem cells) that can bring about change to the skin. These ingredients literally begin the correction process on a microscopic cellular level, protecting cells and helping them to function more efficiently. When skin cells are able to function better, it creates a positive environment conducive to positive skin attributes. The skin is firmer, more even toned and has fewer fine lines. <