How Masks Can Make or Break A Facial

Every time there’s a dinner party – one of the most important aspects of the dining is the presentation. The dining table and how it’s presented. One key area of focus is the centerpiece. The most common is a beautiful floral arrangement. However for special events you can tailor the centerpiece to the event. Seasonal events can use seasonal items from nature. Special holiday events can use items that are synonymous with that holiday. The possibilities are endless!

Masks are very much the centerpieces of a truly therapeutic spa facial. It’s a distinguishing factor in the protocol. It’s so important that there are entire skincare brands that only supply specialty treatment mask to day spas. The Prana SpaCeuticals and ClearChoice® product lines both offer a large assortment of high quiddity, therapeutic treatment masks.

You can use masks to hydrate, purify, exfoliate, infuse, and a combination of functions that will benefit the skin. Some facial protocols even layer masks for added benefit. There are even some protoc