Sun Shields Are Vital In September

We’ve already celebrated July 4th. You’ve watched the fire works. You’ve enjoyed all the outdoor events with friends and family. We’re already hearing people talk about, “How summer is almost over.” Reality is that summer lasts well into September. In fact, Fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd.

September is a tricky month, Labor Day tells us that summer is officially over, but you know that everyone is still stealing away any chance they can get to be in the sun. Your spa customers are getting that last pool day. They’re still going to outdoor festivals. Students are starting to practice for fall sports.

It’s vital that you educate your clients on their reality for the remaining summer months, there’s a lot of sun-filled fun to be had in August and September. Remind your clients how important it is to wear sun shield on a daily basis. We’ve found that clients will often think of sun shield as a “summer time” product and only think they need to wear it if going into the sun. Be sure to educate that they will need it every single day.