Summer Is Serum Season

Your spa clients are spending lots more time in the sun during the summer. Regardless of their lifestyle, they’re in the sun. Pool parties, boating, weekend get-a-ways, extra long walks, no matter what – they’re outdoors enjoying the weather.

Second only to a strong sunscreen, clients’ summer time skin needs to be flooded with potent antioxidants, peptides and natural hydrators. While cooler months, often call for a thick, rich, nourishing moisturizer – warmer summer time skin needs dynamic, active serums to help feed the skin cells so they can operate at optimal levels. Summer skincare menus in spas shift slightly from the more aggressive exfoliation treatments. Spas can replace those lost service dollars and lost retail dollars with a focus on feeding and infusing the skin.

Our ClearChoice and Prana SpaCeuticals lines have an excellent assortment of serums that have been designed to hydrate, nourish, repair and protect your clients’ skin.

5 Serums That Nourish, Repair + Protect