Streamlining Your Spa Skincare Program

Over the past decade, the skincare department has become one of the most lucrative departments in the spa. Consumers are flocking to day spas for skincare treatments of all types. As the spa industry grows, the base of consumers expands, resulting in a greater diversity in spa customers.

For decades day spa owners and managers have had the job of building their back bar product assortment to create facials for their treatment menu. Additionally, they were also saddled with the burden of building a retail product assortment in hopes of fulfilling the needs of their client base. This has resulted in thousands of dollars in wasted back bar product and similar amounts of retail product that just sat on the shelves unsold. These decisions only became more difficult to make as the U.S spa market expanded and began to include a wider variety of consumers. Many spa owners and managers became unsure which products would be best for a more segmented consumer.

Prana SpaCeuticals has a solution for spa owners and managers. We