5 Brilliant Acne Fighting Products

It can be one of the worst skin conditions to deal with. It can cause emotional issues in the many young men and women who suffer from it. Every esthetician knows the pains of the clients they have who suffer with acne.

While it’s a very small word, it can be a big job to treat and correct acneic skin - mostly because acne can be caused by a variety of factors ranging from over active hormones, excessive exposure to bacteria, hyperactive sebaceous glands or some combination of varying factors. Estheticians can formulate a treatment plan by gaining an understanding of the clients’ lifestyle and performing a thorough skin assessment.

There isn’t a “one-size fits all” treatment so estheticians need an arsenal of professional and home care products at their disposal in order to treat and manage acne. Some general guidelines for treating acneic clients are to keep the skin’s surface smooth and free of excess debris and hardened sebum. This will minimize pores while keeping them open. Liquefy trapped sebum in the follicle, keeping it open. Reduce bacteria to create a healthier, acne-free environment. Focus on achieving balance in the skin. Encourage the use of products that will calm the skin and sooth inflammation.