8 Lip & Eye Life Savers

Aging happens to everyone, it’s often referred to as – “better than the alternative”. However, all joking aside, along with aging comes its visible signs. It’s no secret that one of the first signs of aging on anyone is fine lines around the eyes and lips. We’ve all been there! Every woman can remember that first time she noticed crow’s feet or that first time her lipstick began to run.

Today’s spa clients want solutions for their eyes and lips. There is a reason that Botox and Juvederm are so popular. Estheticians can help their clients maintain firm, bright eyes and plump full lips. It’s important for every spa to carry an assortment of eye and lip treatment products. Offering highly effective, cosmeceuticals for your spa clients’ eyes and lips is a great way to help them reach their skincare goals and increase your retail sales.

4 “Save Your Eyes” Products

There are 3 main goals for the delicate tissue around the eye. Your customers want firm, hydrated and bright eyes. It takes a sophisticated mixture of moisturizers, peptides, and botanicals to achieve success with all 3 of these goals. Our 4 “Save Your Eyes” products are advanced cosmeceuticals that address all 3 areas with proprietary blends.