6 Acids For A Brighter Hoo Haa

the bikini brite peel

Wait, what?

Yes, you read that correctly! The headline is 6 acids for a brighter Hoo Haa! It’s 2017 and we’re going to proudly talk about doing an acid peel on the vagina! The Hoo Haa, The bikini area, The “intimate” area.

Are you thinking….

“That’s crazy, it will burn, and it’s such a delicate area! And why do it?

If you’ve had a Brazilian….

Honestly, if you’ve had a Brazilian wax, compare that to a brow wax? Women put their Hoo Haa's through far more harsh experiences than a little glycolic acid. Let’s be real for a moment, estheticians and doctors apply acids to the faces of their patients every single day and the patients love the results.

Why ask why?

The routine daily maintenance that so many women do on their Hoo Haa can cause discoloration. The stress of regular shaving can leave dark patches. Many times in grown hairs can leave dark spots. Routine waxing can also stress the skin, causing areas of darker skin tone. This discoloration leaves women feeling uneasy. Intimate bleaching is a solution that many women are taking advantage of.