Try ClearChoice Reflect SPF 45 BB Cream For A More Youthful Look

I think I've found the perfect skincare-makeup hybrid in the Reflect SPF 45 BB Cream. As a beauty blogger and makeup and skincare enthusiast, I am always looking for the best new thing, and this BB Cream astounded me.

First of all, the texture of this is perfect. I've been using this to finish off my skincare routine, and it makes my skin feel wonderful. I always look out for skincare with hyaluronic acid, which was the first thing that excited me about this. I can feel it making my skin more smooth and supple, and over the weeks using it, I have noticed my skin looking more youthful. I also love that it has Organic Aloe Vera and Alantonin, which having amazing healing and anti-inflammatory properties that fend off dullness and keep my skin moisturized.

In addition to keeping my skin smooth, supple, and moisturized, the Grape Seed Extract helps reverse sun damage and fights free radicals. I feel like this wonderful BB Cream is the perfect anti-aging and anti-oxidant powerhouse, it has been making my skin perfectly hydrated and refreshed. In addition, it has an absolutely amazing scent (smells a bit like cucumber and aloe) that makes me feel like I've just had a faical.

As for the makeup aspect of this BB Cream, it provides a light, natural, mineral makeup coverage. It is sheer, but makes darkness and discoloration unnoticeable. My skin looks more even and glows from within when I wear this. I have tried it on its own and under other makeup, and it makes my skin look beautiful and healthy. Imperfections are hidden without hiding my skin. If you are intrigued by the serum foundations and multi-benefit BB creams making their rounds in the beauty market, this is the best of both worlds. Its finish is nourishing, corrective, and effortlessly beautiful.