P142-Dirty Lash Extension After Care 8ml


Natural oils and dead skin cells when not washed away properly can build up on the eyelids, and cause itchiness and inflammation. Dirty Lash is a convenient healthy way to extend the longevity of your lashes. Dirty Lash helps to eliminate protein build-up that eventually accumulates on the lashes causing caked looking lashes. Using daily helps to clean, fluffs, untangle, and protect the integrity of the lashes. Natural anti-bacterial agent against pathogens; Hops extract are also loaded with nutrient-rich amino acids which nourish the skin.



• Minimizes Lashthetician’s clean-up time

• Oil-free

• Safe to Use with eyelash extensions

• Eliminates protein build-up

• Will not deteriorate lash glue

• Will not compromise lash integrity

• Kills sebaceous bacteria

• Will not strip natural skin oils

• No-sting, Alcohol, & Triclosan free

• Conditions hair bulb

• Will not dry out surrounding skin



 • Helps to prevent dirty lashes

 • Convenient & easy to use

 • Extends lash fills

 • Cleanses area from sweat and bacteria

 • Fluffs lashes

 • Prevents caked tangle lashes

 • Great for side sleepers




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