About Premature Aging

What ingredients are the most effective for anti-aging?

Vitamin A to help cellular turnover (Anti- Wrinkle Retinox), Vitamin B5 helps repair skin tissue, Vitamin C promote collagen deposition Alpha Lipoic Acid powerful antioxidant (Vita C B5 Complex), Hydroquinone helps lighten dark spots, Lactic Acid activates skin's water molecules and sloughs dead skin. (Enlighten).

What is premature aging?

Pre-mature aging refers to the unnatural aging process, such as excessive sun exposure and living an unhealthy lifestyle. These habits express the acceleration of our natural aging process. Unfortunately we haven't found away to reverse mother time. So grow old gracefully

How can we avoid premature aging?

Unfortunately we can't put a hold on mother time, and aging is part of life. But premature aging refers to the unnatural acceleration of the natural aging process. Which means too much exposure to the sun and living an unhealthy lifestyle causes aging. Most importantly use sunscreen, eat healthy, and take a few minutes a day to pamper yourself.
My Grandmother uses soap on her face
First of all, don't assume that your grandmother will pass down her beautiful skin.
You might be able to guarantee that you will receive your grandmother's wedding ring, but her skin is a different story we have determined today that 10% genetics and 90% is environmental. Today we expose ourselves to pollution, stress, and the conveniences of food. Not to mention stronger UV rays. Use Products that can reverse the signs of aging like, Anti- Wrinkle Retinox, Vitamin C B5 Complex, Enlighten, and Sport Shield.

What can I do about my aging skin?

Having younger, better- looking skin takes commitment and time. What you see as signs of changing skin has been allowed to happen. Treating, repairing, and protecting your skin should be part of your everyday habits.



Case Study

Aging is characterized by fine lines and wrinkles, thin and transparent skin, loss of underlying fat, the hollowing of the facial structure, and sagging skin due to bone deterioration and separation from the skin. In addition, cellular turnover declines by up to 50% between the ages of 20 and 70. In this time, the skin becomes rough in its appearance and the barrier function is impaired.
Many ingredients can assist in the slowing and repair of aging skin including Vitamins A and C, Peptides,
Lactic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid. The following case study utilized ClearChoice® Products containing
these key ingredients and a treatment plan focused on rapid repair.
HOME CARE: P.E.C, Matrix Repair Serum, Sport Shield, Vita CB-5, Anti-Wrinkle Retinox, & Iso Moisture
3 ClearChoice Peel treatments over 9 week period
1. 10% Lactic then 70% Lactic
2. 10% Lactic then 70% Lactic with Pure A, 2 minutes
3. ClearBalance then 70% Lactic with Pure A, 3 minutes


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